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These photo stories are personal projects; some of them are ongoing. I am consistently curious, asking questions about a process, learning about people, and capturing the energy they create.


In 2021 Karl, Mikael, and the team from Fruktstereo harvested 60 tons of fruit from just one orchard on the southeastern coast that would have otherwise gone to waste.
By calculating the environmental impact of their operations, businesses like Fruckstereo are choosing production methods that are better for the environment and offer solutions to the food system instead of adding to the problem. I was surprised to learn that their method of sourcing from wild and abandoned orchards within Sweden costs more than if they imported the fruit from southern Europe.

In total, the team at Frukstereo picked a whopping 121 tons of grapes and fruit from orchards and gardens this year. Two of the larger orchards were the 14 hectares at Havang and the 18 hectares at Magnus Nilsson’s Orchard-Axelstorp.

They do not use additives or manipulate the product during the process.
The yeast they use lives naturally on the fruit and in the warehouse. The result is a clear expression of flavor and origin. They are anticipating producing 60,000 bottles in this year’s vintage! Of those bottles, they anticipate producing 15-25 cuvees depending on the fruit, creativity and weather.

Cold Water Swimming

2020 was a year filled with uncertainty. In order to combat the waves of stress and anxiety, I've always tried to balance it with exercise.
I first got in the water in late September of 2020. It was refreshing and I remember feeling, vividly, like something woke up inside me. When we lived in Las Vegas, we always had a pool, I did not even think of getting in after September.
But one dip led to the next and it unexpectedly began to be a daily routine. I joined a group called De Glade Vinterbadere which means "the happy winter bathers" who still meet at the docks every day. During those times of restrictions and social distancing, it is the primary place where I met to socialize with people outside my family. Finding this community and making friends has been invaluable. Over a year later, I still go in nearly every day. 

Tres Hombres

“From The Soil To The Sails”

Tres Hombres is one of two sailing ships owned and operated by Fairtransport Shipping.
The Tres Hombres and Nordlys sailing ships transport organic cargo and traditionally crafted goods throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

Tres Hombres makes two trips a year from France to Copenhagen carrying a cargo of natural wine. This past June, the international crew of 15 arrived, and were greeted by the importers Rosforth Rosforth and Sabotøren. Natural wine enthusiasts who regularly buy from these importers know that what comes next is a celebrated and significant part of the cargos journey.

This year it was beautiful weather for the unloading party, in addition to the staff working with the importers, approx. 20+ people showed up to help. Long tables stretched along the cobble stone harbor to receive each box so that every bottle could be given a blue and white sticker.
The sticker means it traveled under the sails of an engine-less ship. This unique label helps spread the knowledge about climate-friendly shipping alternatives and the small steps we can take to all reduce our communal carbon footprint.

I caught a ride on the ship the day it was departing. A tugboat pushed us out to sea, sitting on a high perch atop the galley; it was an incredible sight as bridges opened to let us pass. Once out of the harbor, the ship’s Capitan Andreas shouted orders to unfurl the sails.I could not continue with them this time. I climbed aboard the tugboat and watched the ship sail away. It was deeply moving to see the wind fill its sails. I felt witness to something so ancient and powerful.

The ship plans to return with more wine from France in late August 2022.

To learn more visit: Tres Hombres - Fairtransport and @fairtransport.shipping