1. Loves connecting people who should meet

2. You may find her snowboarding while her kids are at school

3. She started taking pictures in the 10th grade with a canon AE-1

4. She currently owns 5 different styles of fanny packs

5. She Loves Dirt Track Racing

5 Fun Facts about Emily

My Dad bought me a canon AE-1 from a pawn shop in middle Georgia. To this day I remember how magical it felt to develop my first roll of B&W film. Though I went to college for Art History, my connection with photography only deepened. I moved to NYC after college in the late 1990’s, where I used to ride my longboard through the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m so grateful for the range of work I produced in those years for editorial, advertising and record industry clients. My first ad job was for the agency Fallon, the client was NASCAR. I also shot for the iconic, “Got Milk” campaign which was surreal!

As I keep evolving, so does my art. One continuing thread through all of it has been to capture the energy of a person or event, the deeper story. I love photographing stories of entrepreneurs, athletes and performers. Spotlighting the journey of doers and dreamers, whether it capturing one moment or through a series.

I would not have such a deep keel if it weren’t for my family. My two kids that get more amazing, challenging and unique everyday. My husband, shares my sense of adventure, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to fitness.

Lately, when I’m not taking pictures you can find me... in the boxing ring.