- More Alike Than Different-


-Malle Mile London-

-Marfa, Texas-

These photo stories are personal projects, some of them are on-going. I love traveling to new places, learning about people and capturing the energy they create.

-Joey Newell-Hat Maker-

More Alike Than Different

The streets of the Dorćol neighborhood in Belgrade are lined with all different kinds of small businesses. Residential, retail and restaurants are interwoven in a way that, depending on the direction you walk, you are always seeing something you hadn’t before.  The colorful windows of the florist that sit at the top of my street, sets the tone for the range of people you’d meet. They are all different with an interesting story and beautiful in their own way. 

If you or a publication you know might be interested in running this series, please reach out!

Parfimerija Sava:
The family owned cosmetic store, Parfumerija Sava is a 4th generation family business, the oldest working perfumery in Belgrade. Owners Nenad Jovanov, Nemanja Jovanov (his son) and (daughter-in-law) Jelena, are crafters of custom scents. It is a modest shop with only space for a few customers. There is usually a line of people waiting to get in. Their process follows a long line of tradition; part chemist, artist and romantic. They use a typewriter to type a code (only they know) that adheres to each glass bottle holding a particular scent. 

This concept store and cafe that showcases furniture and fashion created by artisans from the world. Goga and Nevana are longtime friends and residents of the city. Both women have an incredible energy that attracts an eclectic mix of clientele. Goga Grubjesic, is co-owner and also the author and organizer of the Ethnology Festival. Nevana Jelicic, is also co-owner and is a well known Attorney. Her law firm specializes in International Law.

Valentina i Karanfil:
Chef Isodora wants to “make people cry from joy” when they eat her chocolate creations. Born in Belgrade, she studied and learned her craft in Germany. She is proud of the local ingredients they source from farmers to make the chocolate. In addition to the fresh creations she makes daily for the shop they import chocolate from all over the world. 

Antique Art:
Antique Art is a cosy store, settled in a basement at the corner of a pre-war building. Jelena took over the store after her mother passed away 3yrs ago, continuing her mother’s dream & legacy.When you step inside, a whole new world stands in front of you. Ages and generations standing on shelves in all of their beauty and pride- paintings, home decor, antique china... with all kind of stories. All the pieces seem to compete for your attention, but again all of them get along so well. Maybe, because as Jelena says: “Items come to them, they never search.”

Art of Blossoms:
Darija has been learning and utilizing her craft for 15 years. Learning from one of the best floral designers in Europe, she established her distinct style that combines French and Russian school of floral design.She has had the shop in Dorcol for 3.5yrs. She co-owns with her Aunt Goga (also co-owner of Tulum55). Marko (pictured with her) has worked alongside her for over a year. They take a lot of pride in their work crafting unique arrangements and bouquets that have a connection to their client. Each creation is made from, “feeling and passion.”

The Kings Shop:
It turns out the shop as a 4th generation business and as the name indicates they used to make pasta and pastry for the King. The pasta is incredible. They’ve always greeted me with a smile, and patient as I stumble through my Serbian vocabulary. When the owner found out I had never had a traditional Balkan pastry called Gibanica he left the shop, bought some fresh sheep cheese and had his father make me one and they insisted I stay for lunch. 


Joey Newell

Joey Newell crafts the finest custom hats I've ever seen. I visited his home studio here in Las Vegas and photographed him as he was finishing a hat for me. His process was beautiful to watch.

Joey apprenticed under a master hatter for two years before going out on his own. All his materials are sourced and made in the United States. His raw hat bodies are made in my home state of Tennessee and leather sweatbands in New Mexico.

When he isn't making hats he is a photographer for Zappos.com.

He has clients all over the world, you can commission him to make one for you. IG @joeynewell.

Malle MIle London

This summer I got to go and photograph the Malle Mile in London. I was there with the incredibly awesome motorbike and apparel brand, Rebel's Alliance. We camped out in the grassy fields of Kevington Hall. It rained half the time but it never dampened any spirits. There was mud,  motors revving, great coffee and a cooler full of beers. 
There were people from all over the world represented on custom "built not bought" bikes. Learning to ride wasn't on my to-do list before this, but it sure is now.

Marfa, TExas

Good friends, Michael and Jennifer Cornthwaite opened La Playa and Al Campo in Marfa, Texas. I had always heard about what an amazing destination Marfa is. I went out there during the TransPecos Art and Music Festival. The town, the people and the great vibes, it lived up to all the hype!