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These photo stories are personal projects, some of them are on-going. I love traveling to new places, learning about people and capturing the energy they create.

-Joey Newell-Hat Maker-

Joey Newell

Joey Newell crafts the finest custom hats I've ever seen. I visited his home studio here in Las Vegas and photographed him as he was finishing a hat for me. His process was beautiful to watch.

Joey apprenticed under a master hatter for two years before going out on his own. All his materials are sourced and made in the United States. His raw hat bodies are made in my home state of Tennessee and leather sweatbands in New Mexico.

When he isn't making hats he is a photographer for Zappos.com.

He has clients all over the world, you can commission him to make one for you. IG @joeynewell.

Malle MIle London

This summer I got to go and photograph the Malle Mile in London. I was there with the incredibly awesome motorbike and apparel brand, Rebel's Alliance. We camped out in the grassy fields of Kevington Hall. It rained half the time but it never dampened any spirits. There was mud,  motors revving, great coffee and a cooler full of beers. 
There were people from all over the world represented on custom "built not bought" bikes. Learning to ride wasn't on my to-do list before this, but it sure is now.

Boxing and UFC

A year ago I started boxing and photographing professionals and their journey to spotlight. It is an on-going project and I'm not sure where it will lead me. The commitment and dedication I've seen in and outside the gym is awe inspiring.

Cody Crowley- the Canadian Champion boxer seen here with Dana White, President of UFC is one story I've been able to follow closely over the past year. Documenting Cody's food and training routine has shown me a window into the sacrifices and work it takes to get to the top. Refusing to sign on with other promoters, Cody started his own company and promoted the events for his own fights. He has been selling out the 4000 seat arena in his hometown of Peterborough for his annual event, and this caught the eye of UFC.  

Marfa, TExas

Good friends, Michael and Jennifer Cornthwaite opened La Playa and Al Campo in Marfa, Texas. I had always heard about what an amazing destination Marfa is. I went out there during the TransPecos Art and Music Festival. The town, the people and the great vibes, it lived up to all the hype!