While in Seattle last Summer, I caught up with internationally acclaimed multimedia artist, D*Face. He and his team of right-hand assistants were just starting a second mural project called “Kant Complain”. This mural was in conjunction with his solo show at Treason Gallery.
I first met Dean Stockton 5 years ago when he created the first of three amazing murals for the art & music festival, Life is Beautiful. I've always loved documenting his process.

Boxing and UFC

Seven months ago I started boxing and photographing professionals and their journey to spotlight. It is an on-going project and I'm not sure where it will lead me. The commitment and dedication I've seen in and outside the gym is awe inspiring.

It was a thrill to capture behind the scenes moments for the UFC Contender Series. The energy in and outside the octagon is electric. The air backstage is thick with mental focus and hangs heavy with hopes and dreams. I look forward to more opportunities into this window of dedication, sacrifice, and journey to the spotlight for these fighters.

Marfa, TExas

Good friends, Michael and Jennifer Cornthwaite opened La Playa and Al Campo last year in Marfa, Texas. I had always heard about what an amazing destination Marfa is. I went out there during the TransPecos Art and Music Festival. The town, the people and the great vibes, it lived up to all the hype! 

Rooster Boy Cafe

It is always one of my favorite subjects to follow the journey of an entrepreneur.
I've had my lens on Chef Sonia El-Nawal creations for the past 5 years. She has been growing her granola brand and last month one of her culinary dreams came true. She opened her first Rooster Boy Cafe! I was there with my camera and also my appetite for all things freshly baked.

SandHill DAiry farm

I became interested this dairy farm when I heard that its owner Isidro Alves was personally delivering milk from the farm. A friend was using it to make his ice cream for his gelato shop. It was the freshest milk I'd ever tasted. It was then I decided to drive 8 hrs north and see this production for myself. 
It has been 2 years since I visited the farm and I'm happy to say that the milk produced at SandHill is now on the available at my local Sprouts Grocery Store!