Emily Wilson Photography | Destination Marfa, TX
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Destination Marfa, TX

Destination Marfa, TX

Michael and Jennifer Cornthwaite have been trailblazers in Downtown Las Vegas for over a decade. When they shared their ideas to create a destination in Marfa, I was excited for them, but still, couldn’t picture what would draw people from across the globe to this small Texas town. Over the years, friends had always told me “you’ve got to go to Marfa sometime, you’d love it there!”. Finally, I was able to spend four days there last month, and they were right. I felt my stress levels drop, I was inspired by the landscape and minimalist architecture.  At every turn in this tiny oasis, there was something unique to consider.

Over the last year, the Cornthwaites’ have partnered with Miami native and world traveler, Tatanka Mia. Together they began investing, building and putting energy into two culinary destinations, Al Campo and La Playa. Both locations aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. They are just checking all the boxes; the attitude is laid back, wine selection is spot on and you eat delicious food made by good people.

As if I wasn’t already falling in love with this town, the scene at the baseball game we attended that Saturday afternoon sealed the deal. The once – a – year match up between the Marfa Los Yonke Gallos and the Austin Playboys, reminded me of my days playing in the bar softball league in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I made wonderful new friends in Marfa. When you can connect with people like that, it makes this crazy, unpredictable world feel smaller and more optimistic.